iPERSONAL provides you with the solution for cyclical fluctuations and staff shortages in the context of employee
sub-contracting. Do you expect seasonal order peaks, a volume order or do you require specialist know-how? Think ahead and compensate for downtime (vacation, illness and maternity leave) with temporary employees who never use your personnel resources longer than necessary. With iPERSONAL termination and default risks are no longer a topic for you. You also gain more flexibility and scope for action in your project management. The employees receive an unlimited or
temporary employment contract from I-PERSONAL, are billed in full in accordance with the tariff pay agreement and are employed by you in the company.


Are you looking specifically to employ specialists and executives ? iPERSONAL takes over the entire recruitment process for you, from the creation of the job profile or applicants profiles by way of placing advertisements and the pre-selection of suitable candidates from the beginning. Thus we ensure that the candidates meet the requirements previously discussed with you in advance. At the end of the day, all you need to do is to decide on the best candidate and save precious time.


IPERSONAL offers you a complete solution for the organization and administration of growing numbers of temporary employees in the company. The ONSITE MANAGEMENT (Master vendor model). The centralized process of employee
sub-contracting and personnel mediation from a single site relieves the burden on your company and ensures your individual requirements at all times. For you that means quality, safety and transparency.

iPERSONALwill provide you with a competent contact person, a team if necessary. The person or team will take care of you (on site) and take over the following tasks:

Personnel requirement planning, recruitment, co-supplier coordination comparison of profiles with vacancies, preselection of candidates, placement/clothing/training of candidates on their first working day – monitoring / compliance with regulations – hours and invoice verification / documentation / regular flow of communication (customer, co-suppliers)


If you have any questions regarding job vacancies, our conditions or if you need further information,

contact us today Telephone : +49 (0) 871 470 1510 or

E-Mail under kontakt@ipersonal.info